Small Business Marketing Plans

Firefly Communication Group offers many Small Business Marketing Plans

When you own a small business you know you need to plan. But having the time to create the plan, set up the plan, work the plan and evaluate the plan may not be happening for you with everything else you have going. Firefly can help!

We walk through the planning process connecting with you to ensure we hit your targets. When we create a marketing plans, we sit down with you to understand where you are now and where you want to be. We research and pull from years of experience. Finally, we deliver a plan specific to your resources. Choose from one of our small business plans below.

Small Business Startup Marketing Plan
This three month plan is ideal for those just starting their small business. Firefly helps your define marketing goals that help you reach your first three, six and 12 month business goals. After developing scope of the plan, we will outline the practical step to take to meet your marketing goals along with a detailed timeline.

We develop a clear plan to quickly connect you with the market and get you on your way to growing your small business.

  • Evaluation of your business’ needs
  • Business and Marketing Goals
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Overview of Price Structure
  • Outline Values, Vision and Mission
  • Market Positioning Statement
  • Strategic Overview Plan
  • Clear Tactile Action Plan
    • Budget Based Solutions
    • Promotional Plan
    • Target Audience Focused
    • Estimated Cost Range Included
  • Detailed Timeline


Six Month Marketing Plan
Our six month plans help you go beyond the foundational marketing and on to the next step of growing your business.

  • Review of your business goals
  • Evaluation of current marketing efforts
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Overview of Price Structure
  • Outline Values, Vision and Mission
  • Market Positioning Statement
  • Outline strategies to reach goals
  • Outline Campaign Based on Growth Needs
  • Detailed Timeline


Campaign Planning
Whether it’s a big event or a three month campaign, the success is in the planning. Having a clear marketing plan will give you a clear vision for where you are going, help you stay focused along the way, and ensure you make the right adjustment for future campaigns.

We will be with you from beginning to end! We help you outline the goals of the campaign, come up with creative ideas to get your message out and timeline for all prep, launch, track and closing evals. After you have the plan, we’ll have two check points to be sure everything is working according to plan or suggest adjustments to help you succeed. Our final eval sheet will also help you plan for next time.

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